NSD Therapy® is Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment for Slipped Disc

Expect Rapid Healing With NSD Therapy® Treatment

What is NSD Therapy®

NSD Therapy® offers the most efficient non-operative spine care that the world has ever own. Treatments are through the clinical efforts of Physiotherapists and Best Chiropractors. NSD Therapy® is not a single method of therapy, but rather a multi-pronged system that focuses on getting to the root cause of your condition for the best neck or the best back pain. Say goodbye to spinal surgery and useless injections that have killed or maimed many! It’s all natural means of care that fixes a slip-disc. NSD Therapy® makes it possible for a chiropractor or physiotherapist to fix even the severest neck pain and back pain without medication, spinal injections or spine surgery. Read more about indications for this non-surgical method of treatments.

Neck and back pain are the most common health disorders in the world today. Back pain is the leading cause of disability in those under the age of 45 while neck pain is spreading like wildfire. Our modern lifestyle is impacting our health more than it ever did. The prolonged sitting (home, work, and car) coupled with the weak head and neck postures we get into while texting is the leading cause of neck pain and back pain and now disability!

NSD Therapy® Neck Pain and Back Pain Slip Disc Repair without Surgery

Get Your Neck Pain, Back Pain or Slipped Disc Repaired Without Surgery.

NSD Therapy® is Enriched with Spine Specific Technology and Systems or care that Heals Back pain, Neck Pain, Nerve Pain and the Slipped Disc without Surgery or Injections. We Treat Pain With Technology! Opt for the BEST and Call us Now! 

Neck and back pain today is the crippling conditions affecting the young and old alike. Neck and back pain has many causes, pain resulting from a herniated or protruded spinal disc (Slipped Disc or Slip-Disc) is on the rise. Today, herniated, protruded or prolapsed disc (Slip-Disc or Slipped Disc) is at epidemic levels in which there is no immunity. Many procedures have come and gone, some helpful while others made things worse!

The vast majority of treatments have neglected and often ignored the fact the human spine is a complex entity comprised of ligaments, muscles, discs, and joints. Hence, their approach often failed to produce long-lasting relief for those in pain. Due to the failures, some had to resort to invasive surgical procedures requiring cutting and throwing away (spine surgery)  important body parts on more than one occasion. The traditional physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments rendered for those with a slipped disc have proven ineffective.