Spinal Decompression Fixes Slipped discs, Neck & Back Pain.

NSD Therapy incorporates the most advanced form of spinal decompression therapy to fix, repair, and reverse slipped discs giving you lasting relief from neck and back pain; contact one of our centers today!

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    What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

    Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical method of treatment that utilizes advanced decompression techniques to help patients recover from spine-related disorders without surgery or injections. It is an evolution of traction therapy methods made possible by technological advancement. Spinal decompression therapy aims to increase blood flow (nutrients flow) and depressurize spinal discs and spinal joints with advanced traction methods.

    Spinal decompression therapy provides significantly better methods of spinal traction when compared to other forms of spinal traction therapy systems. NSD Therapy® Methods of spine care incorporate spinal decompression therapy given by the RxDecom®. The RxDecom® is a sophisticated spinal decompression therapy device that repairs bulging, herniated, protruded, prolapsed spinal discs without surgery or injections.

    NSD Therapy®: A Breakthrough Methodology In Spinal Decompression Therapy

    Simply put, there is nothing better than NSD Therapy®. If you suffer from Back pain, nerve pain, pinched nerve, slipped disc, or sciatica, NSD Therapy® is for you. NSD Therapy® is the most comprehensive method of spine care. It is made possible through the clinical efforts of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and advanced technology. In short, NSD Therapy® is for those in pain and those that have been told to have surgery.

    Is Neck and Back Pain Controlling your Life?

    NSD Therapy® can help! It is an advanced non-invasive method of spine care for neck pain, back pain, and slipped disc patients. Spinal decompression therapy by NSD methods includes chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. In short, it is the most comprehensive system of spine care through integrative approaches to non-surgical treatments.

    Clinical physiotherapy, evidence-based chiropractic, nutrition, and targeted rehabilitation are collectively the hallmarks of NSD Therapy®. Even if competing methods of spine care fails, NSD Therapy® can help! Call an NSD Therapy® center near you today and start your recovery through the best spinal decompression therapy methods backed by the clinical expertise of chiropractors and physiotherapists.

    Non-Surgical Decompression that Heals a Bulging disc, Herniated Disc, Protruded Disc & Extruded

    Spinal decompression therapy is the most effective non-invasive spine treatment for all types of slipped discs. There are various types and systems of spinal decompression therapy. Some are advanced, while others are similar to traction-type devices. The spinal decompression device used in NSD Therapy® is through the RxDecom®.

    The RxDecom® is more efficient than any other form of spinal decompression therapy. The technologies and software used in RxDecom® provide better decompression with faster relief of neck and back pain.

    If you have a slipped disc (bulging or herniated disc), neck, back pain, or sciatica, don’t settle for less; demand treatments through the best spinal decompression therapy device: the RxDecom®. 

    NSD Therapy® Combines Spinal Decompression Therapy with Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

     NSD methods of spinal decompression therapy combine holistic treatment methods by a team of chiropractors and physiotherapists. 

    Spinal disc bulge, protrusions, prolapsus, and herniations that caused the can back pain respond best two spinal decompression therapy methods inclusive of chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments. Spinal decompression aims to rejuvenate and revitalize the damaged spinal disc tissues without injections or surgery.

    Non-rotatory methods of holistic chiropractic and physiotherapy enhance the benefits achieved through spinal decompression therapy. The integration of spinal decompression therapy with chiropractic and physiotherapy is the most comprehensive method of spine care. It is the best alternative to spine surgery and spinal injections. As such, slipped disc patients, including those suffering from sciatica and spondylolisthesis, will find lasting relief from aches and pains.

    RxDecom® Cures a Slipped Disc Pain Through NSD Therapy®

    RxDecom® provides NSD Therapy®; a very safe, gentle, and efficient method and systems of spine care for those that suffer from a wide variety of spinal related conditions, including:

    NSD Therapy® treatments protocols include evaluations, testing, diagnosis, and treatments by evidence-based chiropractors, clinical physiotherapists, and advanced therapeutic devices.

    The first thing is to get a thorough evaluation by one of our clinicians before getting your NSD Therapy® session. Your Doctor of Chiropractic may require diagnostic tests such as MRI, X-ray, CT, or even blood work. Once your condition is thoroughly evaluated and our doctor has finalized your assessments, treatments can initiate. NSD Therapy® is an exact treatment method, and for it to be effective, your Doctor of Chiropractic needs to complete your evaluations and diagnosis before the start of a session. Once your doctor (Chiropractor) finalizes your diagnosis, they will communicate their findings with your physiotherapist.

    The Physiotherapist's Role is Critical to Getting the Best Spinal Therapy During Your NSD Therapy® session

    The physiotherapists will then explain every aspect of NSD Therapy® methods and systems to you so that you are aware of the reasoning behind each treatment. Your doctor (chiropractor) and your physiotherapist will provide you a with a detailed report of findings, therapeutic goals and any home care that you will need to do. Your NSD Therapy® session will start when we have given you a full report of our exam findings along with our therapeutic suggestions.

    The physiotherapist in charge of your care will explain each part of your treatment. The first treatment or procedure usually given is through treatments on the RxDecom®. The RxDecom® is an advanced spinal decompression device-specific for neck pain, back pain and slipped disc (Slipped Disc). The combination of the RxDecom®, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and targeted rehabilitative procedures makes NSD Therapy® much better than competing methods of spine care. 

    NSD Therapy®: Best Spinal Treatment, PLUS Chiropractic, PLUS Physiotherapy & MUCH MORE

    NSD Therapy® offers better benefits than other therapy forms through traction or spinal decompression devices. It is a multi-pronged system of care, developed with the RxDecom® in mind. Spinal decompression is good, but the RxDecom® methods of decompression combined with NSD methods are best for lasting relief when it comes to NSD Therapy®, the role the RxDecom® plays is critical to the success of treatments. The combined and integrative spinal decompression methods through the RxDecom®  combined with chiropractic and physiotherapy offer the best comprehensive and most effective alternative to spine surgery.

    Getting decompression therapy by the RxDecom® involves a few steps, which include comprehensive assessment, review of your diagnostic imaging, and the formation of a holistic treatment plan, including chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. When the initial evaluation is complete, you will be ready for the spinal decompression portion of NSD Therapy. Here is what to expect when you get treated with NSD's methods of decompression therapy:

    1. The physiotherapist will assist you in putting on two harnesses (a lower body harness and an upper-body harness).
    2. Once you have been suited-up for the treatment, the physiotherapists will initiate your therapies.

    The best thing about NSD Therapy® is that it is not painful. The treatment rendered on RxDecom® should be soothing and relaxing.

    After finishing your treatments on the RxDecom®, a physiotherapist will initiate some mobilization procedures followed by other therapeutic measures such as sound wave therapy, electrical stimulation, and strengthening exercises. Additionally, the physiotherapist may provide you with targeted manual therapy to reduce and break down aberrant tissues such as adhesions or trigger points. Once the physiotherapy portion of your care is complete: chiropractic treatments begin.

    BEST Slipped Disc Treatment: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy & Non-Surgical Decompression Treatment

    Chiropractors associated with NSD Therapy® are evidence-based chiropractors. In other words, they are required to update their skills and knowledge regularly through research. The chiropractic component of NSD Therapy® is painless. To avoid worsening a condition, manual chiropractic adjustments (hands-on chiropractic treatments) are avoided. The manual modes of chiropractic treatment  (Hands-on Chiropractic Adjustments) are excellent ONLY for those that do not have a slipped disc.

    The care you get from our clinical research-based chiropractors is through precise targeting of segments that need mobilizations. The chiropractic adjustment for an NSD Therapy® patient will be through the "Activator." An "Activator" is a chiropractic treatment or adjustment tool that enables a chiropractor to target individual segments of your spine. The manual methods such as Gonstead adjustments and Diversified methods, Thompson adjustments of the spine are not very target-specific. In reality, they may rotate and cause more harm to those that have spinal disc disorders. Regardless of what procedures you get from an NSD Therapy® treatment center, you can rest assured that you are receiving care from your city's best possible clinical team.

    The chiropractors and physiotherapists of NSD Therapy® treatment centers are better informed and more skilled for those that have spinal disc disorders. Don't just take our word for it: visit an NSD Therapy® treatment center near you today for the best spinal decompression therapy.