Effectiveness Of NSD Therapy® Is Better Than Other Forms Of Care

Learn about the effectiveness of NSD Therapy® compared to other forms of care, including chiropractic, physiotherapy, injections, and spine surgery. Get the comprehensive non-surgical spine treatment enriched through advanced technology; contact us today!

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    NSD Therapy® Is The Most Most Effective Non-Surgical Spine Care

    Documentation relating to the effectiveness of NSD Therapy® as the best non-invasive treatment option for those suffering from neck pain or back pain was made possible with MRI examinations. Pre and post-treatment MRI of herniated disc (slip disc) patients have proven NSD Therapy’s effectiveness with severe spinal conditions.

    NSD Therapy® is the latest and most advanced form of spinal rehabilitation. It is the best and most holistic form of spinal treatment in the world today. The methods of care incorporate targeted therapeutic procedures such as Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy as delivered and the clinical efforts of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. NSD Therapy® is geared to provide corrective care that enables recovery and even retraction of a slipped disc. Unlike other methods, NSD Therapy is made possible through advanced technology that targets the offending spinal segment. NSD Therapy® is better than the best of chiropractic or physical therapy as it incorporates the best practices of chiropractic and the best of physical therapy and nutrition, soft tissue, rehabilitation, and exercise.

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    Spinal Decompression Therapy Is Better With NSD Therapy®

    If you have neck pain or back pain or pain that keeps coming back time and again, consider NSD Therapy®. Even if you have tried chiropractic or physiotherapy and were not impressed with the results, think NSD Therapy®. And, if you have been told to have surgery, but you are keen on it, consider NSD Therapy®. Or, if you have had surgery, and it failed to procure the promised results, consider NSD Therapy. In each of the instances above NSD Therapy®, is better and more effective in the long-term.

    NSD Therapy centers have reported a success rate of 96% with those that suffer from neck or back pain. The successes achieved by NSD Therapy is impossible to match, because of the training, skills, knowledge and advanced therapeutic technologies used during the therapy session. NSD Therapy® also includes imbibition through which a spinal disc obtained the needed nutrients for daily repair and maintenance. Don’t settle for a lesser means of care. After all, you only have one spine. Let us help fix and repair the damage from within before it is too late.

    NSD Therapy® has been successful even when surgery failed. So, if you have back pain, neck pain, sciatica, slipped disc or have had surgery, but still live in pain: NSD Therapy® can help. It is the world’s most perfect slipped disc treatment option. The effectiveness of NSD Therapy® for a slipped disc and sciatica is better than all other methods of care combined. Don’t just take our word for it, visit a center today to see the effectiveness of NSD Therapy® for yourself!