How Many Sessions of NSD Therapy® Do You Need To Fix ASlipped Disc?

Some have asked us how many sessions they need. The number of sessions deeded for spinal disc repair through NSD Therapy® depends on the severity of the slipped disc; contact us today for more information.

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    How Many Sessions Before You Get Better?

    NSD Therapy® can make you feel better right after your first session. Most patients start improving during the first treatment. Some may need a couple of sessions before noticing improvements. However, to recover entirely, you will need repeated therapy sessions.

    NSD Therapy® enables the healing of the injured and malfunctional spinal segments. The most impressive aspect of NSD Therapy® is its holistic methods and systems of care for those with neck pain, back pain, nerve pain, and slipped disc. Most of the patients that seek our help often ask: “How many sessions do I have to go through”? The number of treatment sessions depends on the severity of your slipped disc and overall health. If you have a severe slipped disc and are in bad health: the number of treatment sessions can be 30 or higher.

    Fast Facts On NSD Therapy®

    • It offers neck pain sufferers the best treatment options that other methods can not.
    • NSD Therapy® offers you the better slipped-disc treatment option if you have a slipped disc. Treatment for slip-disc is better through NSD Therapy® methods when compared to physical therapy, chiropractic, medication, injection, or surgery. The targeted approach of slip-disc treatments offered by NSD Therapy® methods is unmatched by other forms of surgical or non-surgical treatments.
    • NSD Therapy® focuses on fixing all spine-related issues, including repairing nerve damage resulting from nerve and spinal cord impingements.
    • The treatment you get through NSD Therapy® is through the best of Chiropractic, Clinical Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, and much more. The focus of NSD Therapy® is to get you better in every way. Targeted care provided through NSD Therapy® leads to faster repair and regeneration of your spinal discs.
    • NSD Therapy® is not painful

    NSD Therapy® Benefits: Spinal Discs & Supporting Structures of the Spine

    Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy or NSD Therapy® is a holistic method of spine care through integrative chiropractic, physiotherapy, and focused rehabilitation empowered through advanced therapy technologies. Repair, regeneration, and fixing the spinal disc are critical and the primary goal when you get NSD Therapy´®.

    However, fixing and repairing a spinal disc is not possible without holistic therapy programs for the supporting structures (muscles, ligaments, and spinal joints). The supporting structures are the joints, muscles, and ligaments of the spine, and it is the only method of treatment that addresses all aspects of the spine most comprehensively. This comprehensive approach has made NSD Therapy® the best holistic method of spine treatment.

    NSD Therapy® is not just for the spinal disc but also the muscle, ligaments, and joints. Our research has established that a spinal disc cannot function at 100% capacity if the supporting structures (muscles, ligaments, and bones) are not working at optimal levels. NSD Therapy® is a highly advanced form of non-invasive spine care to heal and repair the spine and all its supporting structures without surgery or injections. It has a better success rate than surgery or injections.

    How Many Session You Need?

    The number of sessions required to fix, repair, and stability a bulging or herniated disc (slipped disc) dependents on many factors. Factors such as the overall health and well-being and the severity of spinal disc and joint damage have a great influence on the number of sessions you will need. Damage to muscles, ligaments, and joints (bones) impacts the number of therapy procedures required and the number of NSD Therapy® treatments. On average, most require about 25 to 30 sessions of NSD Therapy®. Some may need a bit more, your NSD Therapy® center will be able to provide you with a more accurate number of sessions after your initial assessment. We hope to have sufficiently addressed how many sessions you need to heal a slipped disc without surgery or injections.