Imbibition Induced by NSD Therapy® Fix and Repair Slipped Disc

The spinal discs obtain their nutritional needs through imbibition. NSD Therapy® helps spinal disc repair and regeneration through induced imbibition.

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    Imbibition & How NSD Therapy® Induces It

    Imbibition is the absorption of a substance by another structure or substance. When it comes to the spine, imbibition is a reference to the influx of nutrients that the spinal discs need for continued repair and maintenance. Imbibition occurs naturally but it can also be induced. Patience with bulging or herniated discs or in need of therapeutic procedures that induces imbibition. the best such therapy method or the protocols and systems implemented through NSD Therapy®.

    Spinal discs are avascular, and therefore, the nutrients they need for survival must be brought in. Imbibition is the process through which a spinal disc obtains the required nutrients for daily repair and maintenance. In simple means, imbibition is classically described as a particular type of diffusion where solids absorb liquids.

    Examples Of Imbibition

    An excellent example of imbibition in the classic sense is when wood sucks water and fluids. A spinal disc can benefit the same way from imbibition by sucking in nutrients and fluids from the surrounding tissues. Imbibition is the only means through which a disc can obtain the nutrients it needs for survival. Imbibition occurs naturally in a healthy disc, and it is most evident during the recumbency of sleep.

    The unopposed pressure during sleep enables the spinal disc to bring in large amounts of fluids to produce the much-needed proteoglycan—the more proteoglycans in a disc, the better the nutrients flow and faster recovery. The heart of a spinal disc has specialized molecules that attract and hold liquids. These molecules are called proteoglycan molecules, and they can attract and retain 20 times their weight in fluids.

    NSD Therapy® Increases Flow Of Nutrients Into Spinal DIsc.

    The proteoglycan molecule's affinity towards water and liquids is the only way a disc obtains the nutrients it needs. But here is the catch, for a spinal disc to have sufficient quantities of proteoglycan molecules, it must have ample nutrients available to synthesize the proteoglycan molecules.

    Imbibition is impossible without adequate amounts of proteoglycan molecules, and NSD Therapy® works because it induces imbibition. As such, the damaged spinal disc can meet the nutritional requirements for sustenance and repair. In short, opt for NSD Therapy® as it can heal and cure your slipped disc naturally without medication, injections, or surgery.

    NSD Therapy® increases a disc's nutrient content by decreasing discal pressure enabling a spinal disc to engorge with fluids. NSD Therapy's spinal decompression method by the RxDecom® helps increase the flow of nutrients into the damaged discs. Spinal decompression therapy by the RxDecom® provides superior functionality to other decompression therapy devices, including traction. Traction has not been as helpful for those suffering from spinal disc damage. 

    NSD Therapy® centers are your best hope for non-surgical recovery of slipped discs and damaged spine. What makes NSD Therapy® centers better is the technology and holistic care methods you get from an integrative team of chiropractors and clinical physiotherapists. In essence, NSD Therapy® is better than the best form of Chiropractic, Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy), or a combination of the two. Let one of our NSD Therapy® treatment centers get you back to a healthy, active life. So, instead of opting for surgery, choose advanced conservative methods of NSD Therapy® to induce imbibition for faster healing.