Non-Painful Methods Of NSD Therapy® As An Alternative to Surgery

Get rid of back and neck pain with NSD’s non-painful methods of spine care. You don’t have to hurt more before getting better; NSD Therapy® is not painful!; contact a certified NSD center near you today!

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    Worried about PAIN? Don’t! NSD Therapy® Is A Non-Painful Method Of Spine Care.

    NSD Therapy® is a series of therapeutic procedures given through the clinical efforts of the best chiropractors and physiotherapists. Let's repeat it: NSD Therapy® is a non-painful method. It is soothing, gentle, targeted spine care through Advanced Technology.

    If you need an alternative to spine surgery or injection, think NSD. It is the most comprehensive method of spine care designed by a clinical team of physical therapists and chiropractors! Start your non-surgical recovery with NSD's non-painful methods of spine care today; contact us now! 

    Advanced Methods Of Spine Care Through Technology Designed By Chiropractors & Physical Therapists

    NSD Therapy® is a non-painful method of spine care created with the patient in mind. Some of the provided NSD Therapy® procedures are through devices such as ultrasound and electrical stimulations, but physiotherapists and chiropractors perform some manual treatments. Regardless of the procedure performed, the treatments you get are comfortable and relaxing. Unlike the ordinary care you get from a typical chiropractic center or a standard physiotherapy center, your care from an NSD Therapy® is highly specialized.

    Simply put, painful treatments are counterproductive. Painful spine and joint care lead to greater issues.

    A team of chiropractors and physiotherapists established NSD Therapy® protocols to enhance a relaxed state. The more comfortable you are during your session, the better outcomes you obtain.

    So, we have taken several steps to ensure patient comfort and soothing treatments. The painless and soothing care you get at an NSD center is due to the technologically advanced systems and methods deployed in NSD Therapy®. 

    NSD Therapy® is designed to gently fix and correct spinal discs, muscles, ligaments, and spinal joint issues. We aim to get you better without causing you undue stress. Learn more about common spinal conditions. 

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    NSD Therapy® is a Relaxing Slipped Disc Treatment Option Enabled Through Advanced Technology

    Every NSD Therapy® is required to ensure patient comfort during treatments. A relaxing therapy session has superior results, and as such, every center that offers NSD Therapy® employs procedures that are not painful. We believe that there is more damage or irritation of the damaged tissue when there is pain. Hence the reason for our strict rule: ensure patient comfort at all levels of care. The architects of NSD Therapy® protocols have made sure to implement effective, painless treatments on each NSD Therapy® session. To conclude, NSD Therapy® is a non-painful method of spine care for slipped discs, scoliosis, sciatica, neck, and back pain; contact us today to reclaim your life.