Spinal Decompression By NSD Methods An Alternative To Spine Surgery

Spinal decompression therapy through NSD Therapy® is the most effective alternative to spine surgery for patients with slipped discs, neck, and back. Contact us today for lasting relief from back and neck pains caused by slipped discs.

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    NSD Therapy® is Better Than Surgery or Spinal Decompression

    Are you struggling with back pain and neck pain? If so, spinal surgery should be your last option! Surgery for the slipped disc can be risky. Besides, most that have surgery may require additional surgical interventions later. Spinal decompression therapy is the latest and most advanced form of therapy for those that have been told to have surgery. Spinal decompression therapy can help even if surgery failed. The best and most advanced form of spinal decompression therapy is NSD Therapy®.

    Discover NSD Therapy®. Get your neck and back fixed through the non-invasive means of spinal decompression as rendered through NSD Therapy®. However, keep in mind that spinal decompression therapy is not all alike. Some are great. A good example of an excellent spinal decompression therapy device is the RxDecom®. If the center you get care from utilized the RxDecom® than you are getting your spinal decompression therapy on a world-class device. On the other hand, if the care you get is not through a RxDecom®: find a center that has RxDecom®. The best of centers are those that utilize the NSD Therapy® methods of spinal decommission.

    The RxDecom® is the latest and most advanced form of spinal decompression.

    NSD Therapy® combines chiropractic, physiotherapy, RxDecom®, and much more. This therapeutic marvel has sophisticated software and hardware, enabling it to fix the disc even if other forms of spinal decompression fails. The RxDecom® ’s intricate computer interfaced systems continually monitor and control every aspect of your treatments for safer treatments. The clinical successes achieved through NSD Therapy® systems of care are superior to others. As provided by the RxDecom® device, spinal decompression is superior to traction or other forms of spinal decompression. Don’t be fooled by traction-looking devices that others peddle as spinal decompression therapy.

    Spinal decompression therapy works because it can increase the nutrient content. Increased nutrient flow to a damaged disc is how NSD Therapy® retracts and repairs the spinal disc issues. The methods of treatments are core to decreasing the pressure within a spinal disc, which ultimately improves blood flow. Additionally, the spinal decompression treatment portion of NSD Therapy® is by an expert clinical team of chiropractors and physiotherapists. Hence, it works better than other spinal decompression, chiropractic, or physiotherapy. NSD Therapy® works even when the traditional forms of spinal decompression fail. The difference between NSD Therapy® and spinal decompression therapy is the technology and collaborative care methods.

    What Makes the RxDecom® Better Than Other Therapy Devices?

    The RxDecom® i's better than traction therapy or other forms of spinal decompression treatment devices. What makes there RxDecom® better than competing methods or devices that provide decompression therapy has sophisticated technologies that offer non-surgical decompression of the neck and back. Slip discs, sciatica, and spondylolisthesis are complicated spine disorders that require precision treatment methods that target damaged tissues.  Additionally, treatments for acute and chronically severe back in neck pain patients need gentleness to make them tolerable yet defective. Traction therapy and most decompression therapy devices in the market today cannot sufficiently decompress the neck or lower back of patients diagnosed with severe or complicated spine disorder.

    The RxDecom® offers a non-painful and gentle spinal decompression method with an unparallel level of efficiency for lasting relief of aches and pain caused by slipped discs, sciatica, and spondylolisthesis.


    Spinal Decompression Therapy Part of NSD Therapy® is Given By Clinical Research-Based Teams of Chiropractors & Physiotherapists.

    NSD Therapy® is through the combined efforts of clinical physiotherapists and research-based chiropractors that use RxDecom (advanced technology) and other devices to repair spinal disc damage.

    Today, decompression therapy is the latest and most sought aft®er form of non-invasive, non-surgical spinal rehabilitation in the US, Canada, and Europe. Research from the US, Europe, Japan, and India recommends specific non-surgical spinal decompression treatment methods for those who suffer from a slipped disc, disc damage, sciatica, or facet pain syndromes. Thu, so if you suffer from a spinal disc disorder, you owe it to yourself to give NSD Therapy® a try. It just might be the best thing you have done for your health.

    NSD Therapy® is the BEST of Spinal Decompression Therapy

    Spinal decompression therapy is effective in 86 to 92% of neck and back pain sufferers. The effectiveness of NSD Therapy, by comparison, has even greater results than the typical decompression therapy treatments. So, why would anyone ever want or seek surgical consultations? Neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and slip disc sufferers have a non-surgical path to recovery. In other words, the need for surgery and useless spinal injections is over. Visit or call one of our certified centers today.

    Spinal decompression therapy may have difficulties treating acute or severe cases. The NSD Therapy® system of spine care has documented cases of serious spinal disc extrusions and even fragmentations that have healed successfully without surgical or invasive procedures. And as such, NSD Therapy® can produce results when other forms of therapy fail.

    Methods and systems used in NSD Therapy® are the natural evolution of spinal decompression therapy. NSD Therapy® is not a single means of care but rather a collaborative method of spine care rendered by researched-based chiropractors and clinical physiotherapists with an advanced spinal decompression device: the RxDecom. The spinal decompression device of NSD Therapy® (RxDecom®) has abilities and technologies that other devices lack. These differences are the reasons why NSD Therapy® benefits patients with slipped discs better. Even those that have had surgical failures can benefit from NSD Therapy®.